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To my Sandra…

Over two years ago I picked up a beautiful girl at the airport… time has passed by and now I can say that she is my friend, one of the best co-workers I ever had and still as beautiful as the first day

She ask me to write a few lines about my experience with her and her new challenge/adventures around the world … she asked me also to be sincere and true “good or bad” so here its goes…


Sandra is a free spirit and in her 26 years she has achieved more than many people will do in their life time… she has that open mind, dreamer and artistic brain… besides being a responsible hard worker and coming everyday with a beautiful smile, optimistic of a new day and the future… she never have asked me for anything or call me to bug me… what I ever gave to her was unconditional and I mean my friendship, my home, my friends and whatever I thought she needed it… because I felt like it and she deserved it… in all this time we had maybe 3 discussions (fights) where, what I did was only to laugh!!! Because you can not be mad at her… the only day she made me sad … was the day she told she will be leaving someday… but I always knew it… because a free bird like Sandra you can’t keep … she will continue in her path of life until she has achieved her goals … travel, experience life, see other cultures, do crazy things, establish her own lab, find home and have a family

About her new Venture... as crazy as it sounds… it is the dream of many people where only Sandra will make that dream a reality… when she told me her plans, what came to my mind was mix feelings of “great and madness” I believe in people dreams but I am afraid of this dangerous world we live in… she will bike through Canada, that is safe (most likely) but when she leaves us she will attempt to visit some not, too friendly places (central and south America, Africa) and where her safety its my concern… but I trust in her, well judgment that when she sees signs of danger she will take action, modify her plans to skip these places and jump to safety (like Europe, Australia) … making her journey with an end, we all wish for her “safe and sound”

My major achievement with Sandra was making her stay longer with us to what she was expecting… my major regret may be some day “not breaking her leg” that way she could it stay a bit longer…

God’s speed my dearest Sandra…I will remember you and you always will have a special place in my memories and heart…

will I see you again? Yes we will meet again… someday, when we both are cats…

With love

Your manager
Your patron
Your co-worker
Your friend


Alan E. Queija
What is any life without the pursuit of a dream?”


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