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 1 Apr 2008



Attention Fredericton Daily Gleaner,



Hello, my name is Sandra Septier,

I am from France and came to Canada two years ago. I initially planned to stay one year only but I have met so many wonderful people here at work and social life that I decided to prolong my stay.

Now I want to pursuit the big dream that I have in mind for several years which is to travel around the world on my bicycle. This journey will take me several months to a year or more, I will go as far as I can get and where ever it is safe… Keeping in mind along the way that I must get back home and back to work in one piece.


I will be departing on my adventure the 1 may 2008 from Fredericton and start biking across Canada, United States, South America, Australia, Africa, Europe and final destination of France (home sweet home).


I arrived in N.B. the 25 Oct 2005 and the reasons for which I would like your paper to publish this letter are to thank all Canadians for their support and welcoming., and specially thank my Manager Alan Queija employing me as a dental technician in Sunbury Dental Lab in Oromocto, allowing me to settle down in Canada.

I have discovered a wonderful country and specially loved New Brunswick which I have visited constantly for the past two years. I have met so many friends and it will be so difficult to leave them, but I shall keep good memories of this magnificent province and everyone’s kindness. They allowed me to travel, discover new cultures and activities. Thank you Canadians for your precious help to my integration. I will specially miss Fredericton and Oromocto to where I spent most of my time during my staying and will never regret my choice to live in New Brunswick.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to Grace Livingston (my Canadian Mom) with whom I had so much pleasure sharing journeys and good times. Also Andre Ouellet working for the CF as a Soldier from CFB Gagetown, recently returning from an Operational tour in Afghanistan, for his huge friendship and generosity.


Thank you Canada from Sandra



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